Your Privacy is Important at Doctor Marketing Pros

Doctor Marketing Pros actually get most of our clients through referrals from satisfied clients. That may be how you found us on the web or perhaps through some of the outreach programs we implement from time to time.

However, we do not release information about our clients to protect their privacy as well as protection of their business goals to get new patients on the web – in particular their Google rankings and visibility.

In case you weren’t aware of it, visibility in the search engines is not a right. Search engines are gigantic databases of indexed web pages. When a patient conducts a search they put in keywords related to the information they’d like to see. So search engines “search” through their millions of indexed pages to find the most relevant indexed pages to present to that particular user. That is their business model and they control every facet of it. Think of them as modern day TV networks who broadcast content in order to get people to watch it so they can sell advertising. Search engines do the same thing and if you stop watching (searching) their content, then you won’t see their PPC ads.

If the search engines decide – at their sole discretion for there are no laws governing this – that your website has violated their terms of service, then they can, worst case, remove your website from their search engine…the impact of this is that the only ways your site can be found is if patients find you through a directory or citation source, through links you’ve built on the web from other websites or by directly typing in your domain or url. This is not something you want to happen to you and we have never had it happen to any of our clients in the over 15 years my partners and I have been executing medical SEO for clients. This is a very limited way to Doctor Marketing Pros.

So for these reasons we never promote who our clients are on our websites like almost all other SEO companies you’ll meet in order to protect their Google ranking and visibility. In addition, we don’t release this information in person either to again protect our clients as we know that the even the medical profession is a competitive market and relationships and alliances can shift over time when the fight to get new patients is at stake.


For this reason, you’ll have to judge us on our expertise, our referring client’s word if applicable – but most importantly on the quality and integrity of our process. To have an initial discussion about the goals and challenges you face with marketing your practice on the Internet to get new patients, call us oday at 888 – 506 – 1960 or contact us to discuss how to get new patients.