Is Your Online Reputation Helping or Harming Your Efforts to Get New Patients

Your online reputation is very important to understanding how you will be able to get more new patients. With many new patients beginning their search for a new doctor or dentist by looking at patient reviews online or on their mobile phone, do you realize how important your online medical practice reputation is to your ability to get new patients?

How often do you Google your name, your partners, your practice? How about your competitors? Open another tab or browser window now or do it as soon as you finish reading this page. We think you’ll be surprised at the results and how many medical and dental practitioners are damaging their ability to get new patients online.

What if potential new patients see a bad review from a former patient, ex-employee or even a competitor (it happens)? How will this affect your practice’s ability to get new patients? How much is each lost patient worth to your practice? How much more would your practice be worth if you didn’t lose patients this way and could get new patients more easily?

You know the old saying – “a dis-satisfied medical patient will talk with 20 people, while a satisfied patient rarely tells anyone.”

Well – Not anymore! With the Internet – a bad rating, review or comment can be seen by thousands of customers and prospects and affect your ability to get more new patients for years to come!

Do you have a way of monitoring what dis-satisfied patients, ex-employees, even competitors are saying about you online? It can be devastating to your business and if you’re not monitoring and acting on it it could harm your ability to get new patients.

Our Medical Reputation Defense solution monitors your online visibility and most of all your practice’s reputation on the web, on key review sites and on key social media sites each month.

What about if nothing is said about you online?  You have no negative reviews or comments, but you have really NOTHING on the web.  This can be a huge problem for you as well. You need in this case,”Reputation Manufacture”. Namely, positive information spread out over the internet that tells YOUR story in a positive light. This could be reviews, press releases, blog posts, speaking engagement announcements, etc.

Doctor Marketing Pros helps you monitor your online reputation by finding everything that is said about you, your partners and your practice in reviews and on social networking sites and displays it in monthly reports, weekly alerts and in an easy-to-use dashboard.

In addition we maximize your online visibility and reputation by getting you properly listed in trusted online business directories, search engines and GPS, Auto and Mobile navigation systems. This will also ensure your presence when patients use sources other than search engines to look for new doctors or dentists and ensure the key contact information for your practice is consistent across the web.

There’s a lot of bad information about medical doctors, dentists and private practices on the web — incomplete, inaccurate, or duplicative listings that can make it difficult for you to connect with and have your patients to trust you – and for the search engines to trust you which negatively impacts your visibility and rankings on them.

Our Medical Reputation Defense service finds that wrong business listing information and the reputation experts at Doctor Marketing Pros correct it. Our Service provides you with insight into what’s being said about you online, but also allows Doctor Marketing Pros to actively manage your information and participate in conversations that are happening across the Web. Don’t let the buzz about you or your medical or dental practice turn into a buzz-saw!

Our Medical Reputation Management services range from “cleansing” (pushing undesired results down) and “protecting” (making it hard to rank for branded search terms and putting contingency plans in place) to “steering” (influencing research queries for media and public opinion) and “dominating through manufacturing” (controlling the big picture across all related search queries and result types).

For more urgent situations where your online reputation has already been tainted by dis-satisfied patients, ex-employees or even competitors, then we can help you restore your good name with our Emergency Medical Reputation Repair services.

While some review sites allow you to respond to a negative comment directly on the site, the best solution is to get more positive comments about the true value of your company ranked higher or more visible than the negative comments. That’s where the Emergency Medical Reputation Repair service from Doctor Marketing Pros comes in.

If you want a competitive evaluation of your online medical reputation and a discussion of how to protect it from harm, contact us today at 888 – 506 – 1960 or use our contact us form. Only the best Medical SEO Company Doctor Marketing Pros also protects your online medical reputation or repairs it using the best Medical SEO and other Internet Marketing techniques so you can continue to thrive at getting more new patients.