Why Doctor Marketing Pros is the Best Medical SEO Company for Your Practice

The reasons Doctor Marketing Pros is the best Medical SEO Company for your practice are:


1. Full-Service Solution: At Doctor Marketing Pros, we help doctors, dentists and other medical practitioners identify their ideal online patients, then our Medical SEO and marketing experts help deliver more of those patients to their website, door or phones using our world-class Medical SEO, lead converting website design, mobile marketing, social media marketing and reputation management services. Doctor Marketing Pros, the best Medical SEO Company, offers a true, full service solution to help your practice get new patients.

2. Focus on Your Practice’s Strategy First: Before the experts at Doctor Marketing Pros begin thinking about a solution that will get more patients for your practice, we first spend time investigating your practice goals and objectives, your prior online marketing history, an analysis of your website’s medical SEO and lead conversion technology, and how well your competitors are competing with you online in order to get new patients

Once we have a full picture of your situation do design a custom medical SEO and internet marketing strategy and solution for your practice that will help you get new patients. Many SEO companies contact your practice wanting to sell you standard SEO services – The reality is that there is nothing “standard” about the search engines or what works best from day to day – which is why our medical SEO and Internet Marketing solutions are fluid in order to meet your particular needs and deliver results in a terribly dynamic environment – the Internet.

3. Our 3 Step Medical SEO Strategy Process:

Step 1: is to understand your medical or dental practice, your new patient goals, your ideal new patients and their profitability, and your competition from your perspective;

Step 2: is to analyze the marketplace and competition using proprietary techniques and tools and then help you understand the challenges and opportunities facing your rise to the top of Page 1 of Google for your desired keywords;

Step 3: is to present you with a custom Medical SEO and Internet Marketing Plan to help you defeat your competitors and realize your lead generation and conversion goals to get new patients.

4. Global Team Expertise: Our global team has been helping businesses including medical and dental practices all over the world get found on the Internet by their ideal customers since 1995. We have thousands of satisfied clients all over the world.

5. Depth of Success: We recently analyzed 143 new clients we’d added over the past 6 months and we had achieved page 1 rankings for over 10,000 keywords for those clients in that 6 month time span.

6. Full Understanding of the Difference and Value of Both Medical SEO and SEM: The Medical SEO-SEM experts at Doctor Marketing Pros understand it – and you can too – by reviewing our explanation of the difference between medical SEO vs SEM.

7. Strict Privacy Policy to protect our clients rankings: Unlike most other SEO companies in Californiaand elsewhere, we do not reveal the names of our clients to anyone at any time. Why? Because what we do as SEO professionals while widespread is still against the TOS of the search engines. The search engines want websites to earn links from other websites the old-fashioned way – in other words slowly over time unless you’re the latest news story or celebrity craze.

As such, they’re constantly on the lookout for companies that are building links unnaturally – if they know who you are,  they can monitor your SEO/SEM activities closely to see if they can detect anything unnatural. If they do, then they can lower your rankings to see if you change your activity – or put you in their “Sandbox” (you won’t be visible in their search index at all) or worst of all – ban your site for 2 years or more! So we think you’ll agree – the best policy is s-e-c-r-e-c-y. Just talk with us and make up your own mind about whether you think we can help your medical practice get more new patients.

8. Putting Ourselves in Your Shoes: We look at each situation as if we were in your shoes and had to make your decision with all the factors involved including your options, risks, challenges, rewards, opportunities, ROI, competition and cost. We want you to succeed and we want you to consider us part of your team because we want to help you succeed and remain a part of your team for a long time.

9. Last But Not Least, the Main Difference is in Our Leadership – David Bruce. Davids business career has spanned successful senior executive and entrepreneurial ownership positions in several different industries including internet, consulting, ecommerce and direct mail advertising before founding several successful Internet and online service companies since 2005. David is bringing his storied leadership and marketing acumen to the task of helping medical and dental practices as well as medical industry suppliers generate more – more leads, more new patients – and more profit. Want to Doctor Marketing Pros? Call us


Find out the difference for yourself in the first 10 minutes of your call, video conference or meeting with David. Call my service today at 888 – 506 – 1960 or contact us to set up a free initial consultation about how to get new patients.